OREGON SPIRIT CHORUS is a community of innovative and passionate women united through our love of singing and performing, dedicated to musical excellence and lifelong learning, and inspired by the bonds of friendships and the 
joy of creating harmony.

WOW!   We are zipping through this year and have just a few more rehearsals til we are on the Regional Competition stage in Sparks (Reno), Nevada on May 3-6.  The first 3 months of the year has seen so much progress and exciting, with inspirational coaching by Tori Postma, Ryan Heller, Sandy Marron, and Lea Beverley. We are eager to share our music and entertain the large audience of singers from all over our Region!    You can watch us perform on the "live" webcast by going to www.sairegion12.org and follow the links.  

We continue to welcome guests each week, looking for a place to sing and make new friends.  Oregon Spirit Chorus is most definitely the way to go!  If you are a female who loves to sing come and visit us, learn the songs, and experience the thrill of singing in 4-part a'cappella harmony with this award-winning chorus.     

In addition to singing, you'll meet incredible women who will become life-long friends, perform at our concerts, get incredible vocal and performance education, and so much more!  Our awesome Master Director, Kathy Scheel, leads fast-paced and fun rehearsals and you'll go home energized and buzzing with excitement. 

We rehearse every Tuesday night from 7:00-9:30 at the Elks Lodge on 2336 Turner Road in Salem and we'd love to add your voice to our ensemble of 36 singers!  We welcome all ages and skill levels!  If you're interested, send a note to janet.owen@oregonspirit.org.

Directions to OSC Rehearsals:

Salem Elks Lodge 336

Tuesday Evenings
Salem Elks Lodge 336
2336 Turner Rd SE
Salem, OR 97302
7:00 - 9:30 pm
Master Director:
Kathy Scheel

Sweet Adelines International
International Harmony 
Classic Division A:
    2015 3rd Place Medalist

Region 12:
    2017 Champions, Div A
    2016 Champions, Div A
    2016 5th Place 
Champions, Div A
    2014 5th Place 

Region 24:
Champions, Div AA
    2013 2nd Place 
2nd Place, Div AA
2nd Place 
  2012 Audience Choice
Champions, Div AA
    2011 2nd Place Medalist
    2010 Champions, Div AA
    2010 2nd Place Medalist
    2010 Audience Choice
    2009 Champions, Div AA
    2009 2nd Place Medalist
    2009 Most Improved Chorus
    2009 GYPCI Award

May 8, 2007